Garmin 265WT GPS Navigator

The Garmin 265WT takes a couple of steps forward in terms of performance by adding significant improvements that are missing in its nuvi 200-series predecessors.

The first among the navigational device’s new additions is free real-time traffic updates with its integrated GTM 20 FM traffic receiver. Users are guaranteed to receive alerts and instant access to traffic information and road construction that might lie ahead on your route. Having this kind of information, allows the driver to prepare himself to make detours in any problem area.

If you’re worried about interruptions to your music or news programming, the Garmin nuvi 265WT solves this problem by sending traffic broadcasts via a “silent” data FM channel to eliminate any interference.

However, should you end up missing a turn or when you’re suddenly forced to changed routes, the Garmin 265WT has automatic routing capability that can provide a new set of directions to get you back on your original track.

If the navigational basics are your priority concern, the Garmin 265WT responds to your needs by providing complete preloaded maps for North America. Plus, users also get the Text-to-Speech functionality, a handy tool that provides turn-by-turn spoken directions with the real names of streets. Garmin map updates for the life of the unit can be provided through the Garmin numaps lifetime updates service.

Also a highlight of the product is the HotFix functionality. With this capability, the Garmin 265WT receives important satellite information to help users determine their exact position. If you’re also worried about getting lost in unfamiliar territory, the 265WT also responds to this issue with the "Where Am I?" feature. This technology provides you with the coordinates of your location’s exact latitude and longitude, major intersections, the nearest address, and lists the closest hospitals, police stations, and gas stations to your position.

Contacting these service establishments or POI directly from the unit won’t be a problem since the nuvi 265WT has integrated Bluetooth capability, microphone and speaker for hands-free calling.

Other additions include:  anti-theft lock, a JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, and calculator, which can be found in navigator's wide 4.3-inch (diagonal) screen that displays 70% more of the road around you.

With over 1,000 customer reviews on Amazon, the Garmin 265WT holds its own with a solid 4 star rating. Now available for well under $200, this is one of the best buys in automotive GPS today.

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Garmin nuvi 265WT Automotive Bluetooth GPS Receiver Navigator with Traffic Mintt
Garmin nuvi 265WT Automotive Bluetooth GPS Receiver Navigator with Traffic Mintt
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