Offline GPS Map

GPS map without connection

You are interested in using a GPS without connection. FYI, a GPS without connection is also called offline GPS, offline GPS or GPS without internet. An offline GPS application is for smartphone users. In a vehicle, it can ideally replace the built-in GPS of a car. From a tariff point of view, this type of application has many advantages. Not very expensive to buy or totally free, updates are economical and regular.

An offline GPS is useful in several cases. People traveling in a foreign country can enjoy the benefits of a GPS even if the internet coverage is absent or if their subscription does not allow them to have connectivity. In cities and especially in large cities, these applications are very practical. Ergonomic and reliable, they drive you through the streets with precision. Some are even specialized in POI type cartography in tourist category and will serve as a guide. To discover the monuments and history of a city, their use is very comfortable.

How and where to download your offline / offline GPS?

Available on the Appstore or Google Play, these GPS applications must be installed from a pc or an internet connection. It is also possible to go directly to the website of the software publisher. Before downloading an off-line GPS, a little reading of existing applications is necessary. All GPS do not offer the same mapping and all do not have the same quality.

Downloading the application also depends on your budget. It is clear that the paid GPS still offer a higher level of performance and especially a much better follow up updates.

Without exhaustive, we present below some of the GPS applications without connection which are worth a small glance. They are all available on Google Play

• Copilot GPS

For download on Google Play, Copilot is a must in its category. By cons, it is necessary to invest a minimum to enjoy. Used by nearly 16 million people, Copilot has a proven track record and bears its name admirably.

Official Site:

• Mapfactor

Here is a free offline GPS that does what we ask. A paid option is available to users to complete their information base. Based on OpenStreetMap, Mapfactor is very useful for motorists, pedestrians or travelers.

Official Site:

• Tomtom Go mobile GPS without connection

Tomtom also has a GPS mode without connection. The cards are well drawn. Side performance, there is nothing wrong. Tomtom in offline mode is perfect. The least is that logically this software is paid. For the price of 80 EUR and lifetime updates, Tomtom go mobile is ready to replace any GPS.

Official Site: https: / /