GPS Radars and POI

GPS Speed ​​Cameras and POIs

The English acronym POI literally means "Point of Interest" which is simply translated into French as "points of interest". This expression designates on a GPS a style of card which serves to indicate different types of information. The data of a POI card can make it possible to position a restaurant, a tourist point, a supermarket, a gas station. But what the driver is waiting for is the indication of fixed and mobile speed cameras.

A GPS map indicating the danger zones, the speed cameras and the POIs is a very interesting complement of information to install on your navigation device.

Today, 3 types of GPS are used by motorists and motorcyclists: autonomous or conventional GPS, integrated GPS and GPS on smartphone application. The choice is made primarily by the habits of the user.

Stand-alone GPS: Download a free GPS map with radar and POI

Our site allows you to download a free GPS map indicating danger zones, POIs and fixed speed cameras. For information, the danger zones position the flying radars also sometimes called mobile radars. This information is very valuable and will allow you to keep the points of your driver's license more easily.

A GPS map is available for different device brands. The site places free maps for Garmin GPS, GPS Tomtom, GPS Magellan, GPS Navigon.

Built-in GPS: Download a free GPS map with radar and POI

Car manufacturers have their own GPS system. POI cards to download must therefore take into account the brand of your car or the reference of your GPS. Links provide free access to updates of danger zones, fixed speed cameras and POIs for GPS Peugeot, Nissan Connect, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and more generally for GPS RNS 510.

GPS Smartphone: Download a free GPS map with radar and POI

GPS applications for Smartphone are numerous and are more and more popular with users. They benefit from regular updates and "on the air" very powerful. At the same time, they rely on a reactive community that helps improve maps.

To download a GPS map of danger zones, radar and POIs, you must first identify your application (Sygic, Copilot, Waze, Navigon, Destinator ...). A simple click on the corresponding link allows you to download your GPS map.

POI Base: the software solution

POI base is a universal software. Its database is impressive and lists more than 100 000 POI distributed in nearly 1000 categories. The software adapts to all types of GPS.

Part of the information is in free access and another in paid access.

The highlight of this software is its ergonomics and versatility. Once installed on your pc, you simply need to connect your GPS with a USB cable to enjoy POI Base.