GPS for smartphone

Smartphone GPS and online update

The common point between owners of an Android smartphone, iPhone or Windows phone is that all use the GPS function of their apparatus. The Smartpone GPS with the development of 4G has drastically changed our habits. Indeed more and more people have even become accustomed to replacing the classic car GPS, sold by optional builders or standard, by a GPS smartphone. Unless you have planned your trip before the start, it is often the co-pilot who is responsible for the task. navigation settings ... In short it is very convenient for the driver!

How does GPS work on a smartphone?

Two modes of operation coexist to operate a GPS on a smartphone. There is an online mode and an offline mode. Both, however, require you to load maps and a GPS application installed on your device. Logically, updates in offline version are ineffective. To enjoy regular and automatic updates, an internet connection is essential.

Depending on your system, you just have to choose the GPS application that seems the best from an ergonomic point of view but also from a tariff point of view. A small comparative study among the applications shows that there are strong price variations. The only imperative remaining of course to choose a smartphone GPS performance and adapted to your needs.3 Free GPS for smartphone with free updates

This list is not exhaustive but simply tells you where to find a free smartphone GPS. These GPS include regular updates and free. They all require internet access. Beware because from abroad and depending on your subscription with your provider, data consumption can inflate the bill quickly.


The Waze GPS is very used on smartphone. He excels in his responsiveness by providing frequent updates. Practical in car, bike or pedestrian mode, it shows you the navigation with precision and speed. Users can add a particular event in real time.


It is a must. This completely free GPS shows you the route taking into consideration the traffic details in real time. Its strength is to take advantage of the low quality of data provides the cartographic and photographic work of Google. An offline function with card downloading is proposed.


MAPS.ME uses the open source Openstreetmap GPS mapping service. Updates of GPS maps are frequent and their quality is the rendezvous thanks to the contributions of tens of thousands of users. MAPS.ME is a versatile GPS. Useful for pedestrians, cars or cyclists. Many services are grafted to the application such as booking a hotel room or a taxi.

These smartphone GPS have all been tested and approved for their simplicity and performance. Payphone smartphone gps also exist. To guide your choice, it is good to check their respective services before downloading the application.