GPS watch

Connected GPS watch

A connected watch always carries a GPS navigation system. This market is growing and is aimed primarily at a public of athletes: runners, road cyclists or mountain bikers.

The GPS information for these activities is very interesting. On the one hand, they indicate the paths of course but also calculate the km course, the unevenness or the speed of race.

Be aware that all connected GPS watches require an internet connection. So if you are used to playing sports in full pampas, check before the connection is available. On the French territory, the internet coverage is close to 100% that should not pose any problems. By cons for an exotic trail or in the wilderness, the GPS watch may not work. In this case an offline mode is a solution (to check depending on the model)

In any case for training in town or in well-known places, it brings a playful side to your activity and informs you of the essentials and even more ...

Which model to choose for a GPS watch?

To draw the chart for GPS watches, we have chosen 3 models of watches with very different prices: entry-level, intermediate and superior quality. Their common point is always to offer a GPS navigation system.

Tom Tom Runner

Basic and no frills, the Tom Tom Runner is of course thought for joggers. Its interface is very refined and downright minimalist. Its ergonomics are precise and comfortable thanks to a kind of joystick that allows you to navigate the menu functions.

His GPS uses Tom Tom cartography. The GPS is detected very quickly. Many options are present: cardio, training programs, chrono. It is one of the cheapest in the market.

Polar M400

The polar M400 is a GPS watch that is in the "average price" category. Polyvalent and reassuring quality, it is a complete connected watch. It allows you to receive and send sms and mails and even manage calls in Bluetooth mode. Its GPS is ultra-fast to start. The

Its usefulness is beneficial for practicing dozens of sports. At the aesthetic level in red and black, she remains very sober.

Runsense SF-310 from the Epson manufacturer

Like other GPS watches in its class, it is intended for people who want to monitor their physical activity with accurate and numerous information. But geeks can also find their happiness. For the navigation, everything passes there: altitude, distance, km course, unevenness, pace of race. The database is large.

Its GPS is very fast and it is even possible to activate it without internet connection. You download a map that interests you and switched to offline mode. This has the advantage of further accelerating the operation of the GPS.