GPS offline (without internet)

GPS apps without internet

On a smartphone, the use of a GPS can be done with or without internet. A network connection is useful for software updates or simply for downloading additional cards. On the other hand, the disadvantage on a smartphone and that it consumes a lot of DATA and that the bill can be salted if one does not have a subscription in full internet. From a foreign country, it is highly recommended to check the type of your internet subscription for your smartphone. The slightest use of GPS in network mode can be very painful on arrival for your wallet.

The offline mode obviously does not make it possible, for example, to take advantage of users' signage in real time as on Waze. But the information remains relatively accurate if we took care to download the latest update of its application.

Among the offline GPS some are in paid form.

How to use an offline GPS without internet?

The principle is simple. Just download the cards from your favorite app to your phone SD card. A smartphone has a GPS chip that works without internet. It can be disabled but to use a GPS is essential because it communicates your position on the cards you use off-network. Charging cards beforehand assumes that you have enough free space on your SD card. Everything is cached so sometimes the amount of data is large. As a precaution, it is good to disable your network connection when you connect your GPS offline.

Which are the GPS that work without internet, in offline mode?

Several offline GPS coexist. Let's take a look at the most interesting and powerful applications.

• Ulmon city maps
Designed for people who go abroad, Ulmon city maps is made to use a GPS in urban areas. It works exclusively offline. When you download the GPS, you have the right to 5 city maps. To download more, it will cost you the modest sum of 2 EUR.
• Sygic
Sygic is one of the most popular and offline offline GPS. The cartography is well presented and it is for the sum of 30 EUR that you will be able to acquire this magnificent software compatible Android smartphone, Iphone or Windowsphone. For travelers who do not have internet access, this GPS is strongly recommended.
• Osmand
Osmdand is safe and efficient. This offline GPS works based on maps and data from the OpenStreetMap project. Osmdand mapping is large and covers large planetary areas. It is even possible to create your own maps.

• Mappy GPS Free
As its name suggests, this GPS without internet is free for France. For download on Googleplay, the map of France is offered. By cons cards that you add later are paid but are not really expensive.