Car GPS update

How to update the built-in GPS of his car?

The vast majority of car manufacturers equip their cars with integrated GPS. The system is usually offered as an option and map updates are not free.

Many drivers are wondering if it would be wiser to trust a mobile GPS nomad on less expensive and equally powerful smartphone. This is a question of choice and today, it is clear that two categories of GPS users exist: those for whom the GPS smartphone has enough advantage and the others for whom integrated GPS remains a practical solution.

At a time when many GPS systems on smartphone are emerging, it should not however too quickly forget the GPS natively. His qualities are real.

First of all for aesthetic reasons, it has a definite advantage. Molded in the dashboard with its touch screen, it gives the cockpit a nice look. On the other hand for a reason of reading comfort, the big screen (about 6 inches) is much better than a small skylight of the smartphone. In addition, its connection to the speakers ensures a more pleasant acoustic quality.

Third advantage and not least also, the integrated GPS better receives the signal and positions the vehicle geographically much faster thanks to its antenna located outside .Even during a passage in a tunnel , the connection with the satellite does not cut.

Finally, an integrated GPS is always more practical than a nomadic system. Already plugged in and ready to work, we will not forget it or not be able to use it for lack of battery.

According to the brands, the GPS system proposed to the customer differs. Some brands incorporate a Garmin GPS, others a GPS tomtom and all do not have the same options. Vehicle updates are not done the same way.

In order to make a complete tour of the question on integrated GPS, we will review the behavior of GPS and their use according to 5 major car brands: Peugeot, Citroën, Audi, BMW and Renault .

How to update the integrated Peugeot GPS?

You notice that your GPS is running out of precision? It's time to make map updates. Each year, it is estimated that about 10% of the roads in France are undergoing modifications. That's why it's good to update at least once a year. That falls at Peugeot, that's about the time that the manufacturer has set to refresh the cards.

Do you know what is the model of your Peugeot GPS?

7 GPS systems coexist at Peugeot. Depending on the vehicle and its year of manufacture, you are in possession of the RT3, RT4, RT5, RNEG, NG4, RT6, RT6 facade or GPS touch screen.

To carry out a software update of the GPS or add a simple POI update, everything happens on the Peugeot website from your personal space or from this page .

The price applied for the purchase of the cards is the same for all ranges of vehicles and GPS.

The price is 149 euros for the countries of the Europe zone. For one country, the bill is 79 Euros. It is the company HERE which is responsible for the cartography of GPS Peugeot.

Once the acquisition of the software, the updates for the vehicles happen either at the dealer or directly from the internet.

Depending on the age of the vehicle and the GPS system, Peugeot offers different levels of service. In this regard, all the details are detailed: HERE

How to update the integrated Citroën GPS?

Citroën as Peugeot trusts the company HERE for the support of its satellite navigation systems. Moreover, the prices charged are the same as for Peugeot. The pack Europe is sold 149 euros and the map of a country is sold at the price of 79 Euros. So there is a big advantage to choosing the Europe pack directly. Updates when the vehicle is no longer under warranty are in any case paid as well as updates POI (radar, danger zones).

The process is totally dematerialized. Payment and downloading is done on the Citroën website at this address . You then place the folder at the root of your SD card. A cd purchase option is sometimes offered depending on the car model.

Specifically, the Citroën site simply asks you to click on the model of vehicle on which you wish to install an update and to indicate its year of birth. You are then directly redirected to the page that corresponds to your GPS product. It is therefore not useful to identify the reference number of your GPS.

How to update the Audi integrated GPS?

The Audi GPS update allows you to take the right routes, calculate the fastest travel times, find a hotel or a tourist point. In short, an update is always time to win.

Once again, HERE is responsible for Audi navigation software. Unfortunately for drivers who drive in AUDI, it is necessary whatever the GPS of your car to make an appointment with a partner AUDI to manage the updates.

Audi does not offer to download updates and does not send cd. By visiting your Audi partner, it gives you an activation document including labor and activation fees.

Online technology also exists at Audi. It is called Audio Connect and you will need an Internet connection to use it via a smartphone for example. Bluetooth technology allows you to take advantage of a network connection to use a GPS, phone or send SMS in a vehicle. More information on GPS compatible with the Audio Connect system at this address .

How to update the integrated BMW GPS?

BMW does not allow GPS update download directly online. Two fairly simple solutions are available to all BMW motorists and ultimately works in the same way.

To carry out an update on a BMW vehicle, it is necessary to go through an external support (dvd or usb key). For information, the usb key is the easiest support to use. Unless you have a cd player with usb connectivity.

The first solution is to go to a BMW dealer. They will then offer you the purchase of the updates on a USB support formatted in fat 32 or engraved on DVD accompanied by an activation code. The price for the Europe West zone is 77 euros. The installation is fast and takes about 45 minutes.

The second solution is easy too. Since this link BMW you directly order the product to withdraw at your BMW partner. In case of out of stock, it is the insurance not to move for nothing because it warns you as soon as your product is available.

How to update the Renault integrated GPS?

The Renault manufacturer proposes for the update of its GPS a system of downloading by Internet. By viewing this page , the site simply asks to identify his vehicle and then go to the payment to save the updates. Be careful, vehicles dating back to 2006 or before are no longer supported.

Renault works in a native way with the Carminat GPS . The site makes it easy to identify the GPS of your Renault and to download the latest updates.

The newer Renault vehicles (from 2014) can take advantage of the Media Nav technology. This system is very flexible to use and allows to obtain the latest updates very easily. With this service, the updates are paying: 119 euros for the pack Europe .. There is only need a usb key and a system windows seven minimum

In your vehicle, you connect the USB key to your GPS and from the menu you choose update in the nav menu. The key then prepares the installation and you will simply have to go to this site to create an account and choose the product you need. Once the USB key is ready, you reconnect it to the GPS of your Renault and finalize the update.

According to the manufacturers, the methods are different but among the mentioned brands all resort to the digital mapping company HERE. The good news is that it seems that update procedures are becoming more efficient and easy to use. The time to choose your map based on the GPS reference seems over. Maps are becoming more standardized and a simple visit to the website of manufacturers can find the right map for its integrated GPS.