BECKER GPS Update: Multifunction Devices

What is the Becker GPS?

Becker GPS is a fast and efficient way to navigate. If you are interested in the products of the brand, you are in the right place. We will be happy to tell you about the navigation products designed by this manufacturer. They incorporate good features and offer top performance. Also, know that it is GPS for truck, car, bus / bus or motorcycle, you will find satisfaction with the brand. Now, it is high time to learn more before any choice.

GPS Becker: Navigation Software

The brand has integrated into all its products its powerful home-made software: Becker Connect. The latter, once connected to the Wifi interface, allows you to access all the important data. Real-time information about your route (Live Services), Live Traffic information and POI databases, it puts everything at your disposal. Thanks to him, the use of your GPS Becker is very easy. To avoid spoiling, it has a new download manager that allows easy updating of the card for life. Lifelong radar and learning navigation function are also available. And, this is done directly from your device. You will not need to connect to a PC to use it.

GPS Becker: Different types of devices

The brand offers various ranges of navigation devices. And, they are all equally powerful. For example, you have:
• Becker Professional Series

Equipped with the Becker MagClick Active Car system, this navigation device can be integrated into all types of vehicles. Simple to use and practical, it allows a flawless 3D display of the card. It also offers innovative operating concepts, such as the unique Becker OneShot Pro dialogue system.
• the Becker Ready series

This series is more suitable for users who drive occasionally. This Becker GPS offers them a realistic 3D display of the environment, which facilitates navigation.
• the Becker Revo series

It combines innovative functions and extravagant design.
• the Becker Mamba series

This series is specially designed for motorcycles.
• the classic Becker Active series

It is suitable for simple cars. However, it has many features to meet the specific needs.

If, on the other hand, you are a driver of trucks or motorhomes, then the Becker Transit series is right for you. The latter guarantees a safe navigation. Indeed, for any calculation, this GPS Becker takes into account the data of the vehicle. To this he adds specific traffic information to optimize navigation.

The brand has made the package to offer its consumers the top of the line in terms of navigation. It could take up to 2 pages to dissect the options and specificities of all its products. However, one thing remains certain, everyone will have on its behalf. Motorcyclists, single drivers, heavy trucks or motorhomes, you will be satisfied. Also, for the addicts of the calls of son, the ranges Transit, Active and Revo are for you. Indeed, these Becker GPS integrate a handy BLUETOOTH hands-free system to help you make your calls safely.