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Clarion GPS for safe driving

Clarion GPS is one of the best navigation devices available on the market. Performing and practical, they represent a good investment. So, if you are looking to acquire a useful orientation and location tool, they would not be a bad choice. However, it is legitimate that you want to know more before any purchase. Also, we will present the brand and the advantages of the navigation products that it has put on the market.

About the Clarion brand

Founded in 1940, Clarion brings its expertise to the service of its consumers. World leader, the brand has made a name for itself in the high-tech world. Indeed, Clarion is a specialist in intelligent security systems and information or entertainment technologies. This makes GPS Clarion reliable navigation models. For about 75 years, the brand has always excelled and designs, develops and manufactures exceptional products. Embedded electronic systems audio hi-fi, multimedia systems, reversing cameras and navigation systems, you have everything to equip you. However, before you jump in, see the GPS features of the brand.

Clarion GPS Features

Clarion navigation products have good features. Most have wide screens between 6 / 6,2 / 7 inches. In addition, they are well defined to provide a pleasant overview of the information and the path to follow. You will have access to both Clarion GPS for normal vehicles and for caravans and motorhomes. However, they all have virtually the same options with few exceptions. Indeed, apart from the screen size, some models are compatible with the reversing camera. Others still to some iPhones, which makes you benefit from the assistance of SIRI. However, they all have a good high-precision navigation system. This system incorporates a POICON database for caravan / motorhome models.

It includes more than 28,000 campsites and land in 46 European countries. It also carries many descriptions and evaluations as well as more than 13,000 POIs illustrated. Even the reference of more than 700 markets of motorhomes and caravans are included. However, the most chic with the Clarion GPS is that they all have a multizone entertainment system. This allows you to split the entertainment methods into two. Movies on the device for passengers in the back and music for those in the front, what make your trip easier and you avoid boredom if it is long crossings. You also have an output of his at the top and a considerable autonomy. Indeed, they also integrate a hands-free communication to allow you to make your calls freely.

Making short or long journeys safely is the priority of any driver. Also, the choice of its navigation tool must be in the standards. It will therefore require a practical and efficient device that can calculate all eventualities. And if it can also integrate high-tech features, it's even better. Moreover it is this beautiful mixture that offers the brand. Choosing Clarion GPS is choosing safer driving and an entertaining drive.

Clarion GPS update

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