Update GPS for free - OpenStreetMap

Where and how to find a free GPS update (openstreetmap)

OpenStreetMap is a freely licensed collaborative project. It allows users to make their own GPS maps and make them available to other members.

Founded in England in 2004, Openstreemap now enjoys a solid reputation. The majority of road infrastructures in France and the main cities are now mapped. The project is also international It is therefore possible to download free GPS maps with their updates for almost all European cities.

The databases are complete and detailed. Maps show bike paths, public transport, secondary roads, smaller streets, railways, tourist points, etc. From a topographic point of view, osm maps are often richer than maps. especially for some parts of the globe and remote areas. For hikers, OSM GPS maps are very interesting for example because they indicate small roads or secondary water courses. We can simply regret the absence of contour lines.

By way of comparison, the making of the cards works a bit like Wikipedia for articles. A proposed map is never considered fully finalized. It is always possible to add information and updates. This is to offer users always updated data almost in real time.

How to use OpenStreetMap on a Garmin GPS?

Garmin GPS is fully compatible with OpenStreetMap maps. Many contributors are doing a great job in facilitating the integration of their work with Garmin GPS.

To take advantage of the latest updates on Garmin, sites like this really make downloading and embedding maps easier. No registration is required. All you have to do is select your geographical area and the maps are directly available for download.

The maps are available in IMG format according to Garmin standard. Older models need to rename the GPS map to gmapsupp.img.

GPS maps must be placed on your memory card in a folder called "Garmin" .Natively, when buying a Garmin GPS, a "Garmin" file is present on the SD card . If not, it must be created. Be careful to name the IMG files with a name relative to their geographical area because if there are several, there is really enough to lose the compass and not to find them easily from the GPS menu.

OpenStreetMap updates are regular. Every week, it is not uncommon to be able to enjoy new improvements for his cards.

Openstreetmap as native

Now, some manufacturers have decided to work exclusively with OpenStreetMap open source maps. This is for example the case of Me for bike. The mio cyclo 300 and 305 are for cyclists. The strong point of these two models is that the Openstreemap cards take advantage of free and automatic updates.

A visit to the OpenStreetMap site and forum is always interesting for both users and contributors: https://www.openstreetmap.org