Update GPS Garmin

What is the Garmin GPS ?

Garmin is emerging as the best brand of GPS in Europe. This system of navigation and location-based offers its customers powerful enough GPS navigators and both fluid and complete systems for their travel.

Garmin has always been able to perfect high quality GPS devices for different sectors such as aviation, marine and road transport and offers open source solutions for updates. These solutions allow you to download free of charge the various updates needed to update your navigation system in several countries such as France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland.

Why buy a Garmin GPS ?

Garmin offers different high-performance GPS models for any type of use as well as very attractive formulas for devices of the Garmin brand.

Garmin also offers a first free upgrade valid for 90 days after the purchase of your card pre-loaded. After this period, you can continue to update the database of your Garmin GPS device with updates to life (three updates per year for life) or permanent updates.

Why update your Garmin GPS ?

GPS, this navigation-satellite based system designed to instantly provide position, speed and time information has emerged in recent years as being a revolutionary and convenient technology. Garmin navigation systems should be updated on a daily basis in order to provide the information accurately.

Garmin offers available to its clients resident in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada updates free.

What are the benefits and the incontinence of a Garmin update ?

There are mainly two types of updates Garmin updates 100% free and others pay.

The free updates require no cost and provide the basic and necessary information for navigation. These updates are sometimes quite limited compared to the paid upgrades which allow the user to benefit from several options and features.

You choose the pay or free, updates always remember to download one of the two versions after the purchase of a Garmin GPS.

How to install your Garmin GPS card ?

Installing the GPS card for Garmin devices is fairly simple and easy, just download the card you have chosen and copy the file extension .img in the folder titled Garmin from the SD memory card. If this folder does not exist, you should create it.

Then insert the SD card containing the necessary update in your device, your GPS would be able to détécter the added file automatically.

Update GPS Garmin :

You'll need Garmin Express, available here :
Garmin Express