Update GPS Mio

What is the Mio GPS ?

Thanks to the democratization of mobile Internet, connected services have invaded the world of GPS. Although Garmin and Tomtom are the benchmarks in terms of GPS and geolocation, Mio has succeeded in recent years in establishing itself among these well-known brands with its high-end GPS devices.

GPS Mio tracks the tracks of Tomtom and Garmin with their advanced features and practical enough in several areas of navigation, and with revolutionary designs.

Some Mio GPS offer speech recognition, Bluetooth and synchronization to the various connected devices

Mio devices are now quite numerous and at affordable prices, these devices combine good value for money, attractive design and advanced features.

Mio updates ?

Mio offers its users several updates for their devices in order to bring more accuracy when browsing. These updates are available in two versions, free and paid, depending on the built-in features.

Mio updates are published up to four times per year, and to be alerted to the new map updates available, it is necessary to connect your GPS device to your computer from time to time. Mio sends you a message to proceed with the update.

To receive the lifetime upgrade, you must apply via MioMore Desktop using your product license. These updates are available in two free and paid versions in almost all European countries.

How to install your Mio GPS card ?

If you are on the move or you simply want to integrate new maps into your Mio GPS device, you must first update to ensure that your device database is up-to-date.

To install the files containing the navigation charts, you must first create a folder called Mio in your SD card and then copy and update the file to that folder, the file extension should be .img

Once the file is copied, you simply insert the memory card into your device and wait for it to automatically refresh the data.

Update GPS Mio :