Update GPS Navigon

What is the GPS Navigon ?

Whether you're going on vacation, weekends or other unknown destinations, you're sure to always arrive quickly and safely with your Navigon GPS.

The GPS Navigon is a high-end, comprehensive, powerful device capable of analyzing the driving of a motorist and proposing a route that suits him.

The maps in 3D, 2D and the daily updates of the maps are also in the spotlight with the GPS Navigon. As with other top-of-the-line PNDs, Navigon branded handsets do not forget Bluetooth hands-free functions, speech recognition and multimedia galleries. Simple to use, Navigon GPS is ideal for all types of travel.

Navigon updates ?

You can update your Navigon GPS through the Navigon Fresh application, which allows you to update and add maps, install options, and update the Navigon GPS system.

Navigon Fresh also lets you bind your device to your computer to retrieve the contents.

Perfection is not of this world, but Navigon does not fall asleep on its laurels, listens to its users and offers daily updates for their GPS devices. These updates are essential to perfect GPS performance and add new, detailed and updated maps.

What are the benefits of a Navigon update ?

The German site Navigon offers its customers several updates for their GPS devices and even for the mobile version compatible with Android and Ios devices.

Navigon offers free and paid updates.

Free updates provide basic and necessary information for navigation. These updates are sometimes quite limited compared to paying updates for smartphones and which allow the user to benefit from several practical features.

GPS updates are essential and we always advise you to update your Navigon GPS devices.

How do I add your Navigon GPS card ?

Installing the Navigon GPS is simple and easy, just download the map you chose and copy the .img extension file to the Navigon folder on the SD memory card. If this folder does not exist, it is necessary to create it.

Then insert the SD card containing the necessary update into your device, your GPS would be able to automatically find the file added.

A second solution is to link your device to your computer through the Navigon Fresh application, and the update is automatically done.

Update GPS Navigon :