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GPS Snooper: A brand dedicated to heavy goods vehicles, motorhomes and buses

The Snooper GPS remains a must for people with trucks, buses / coaches and motorhomes. Indeed, this brand that invented the GPS "TRANSPORT" has focused its expertise on these types of vehicles. Holder of many patents, Snooper has nothing to prove in terms of gadgets orientation of transport. Also, we suggest you to learn a little more about the brand and its products.

Brand expertise

To guarantee a quality service to the users of its products, the company uses specific cartographies. These are associated with high-tech software that intertwines algorithms from various databases. These include communal plans and work plans. IGN data (France and Europe) as well as legal declarations of road modifications etc. are also taken into account. All these elements make GPS Snooper complete devices.

Indeed, with the different road map declarations, SNOOPER can determine a lot of data, 3 years in advance. This includes permitted routes to certain hazardous materials and certain load weights. Also included are future bridge heights and hanging panels that will be installed later, as well as other data assets. The latter are also permanently integrated with the developers of Snooper UK. Once the information is obtained, the developers proceed to the actual update of the transport maps.

GPS Snooper: What to remember?

Snooper GPS are location and orientation accessories that combine municipal data and work plans on their maps. This allows all users to enjoy reliable service. Among those offered, you have GPS HEAVY WEIGHTS, GPS CAMPING CAR and GPS AUTOCARS usable with buses. However, each of these GPS have a car mode that uses NAVTEQ mapping. What will allow you to adapt them also to simple vehicles and enjoy a quality service. The brand is characterized by:

• Guiding according to the template;
• Additional safety information (ascending slope, sharp turn, risk of high winds);
• Modes of management of driving time;
• A change of lane assistant;
• MultiRoute® technology to plan a tour with several stages;
• A detailed Europe coverage (46 countries) Navteq Transport (accurate and complete mapping software).

Snooper GPS has everything to ensure safety and reliability for their consumers. In the same way, they integrate a classic car navigation software and a security by PIN code with remote lockable serial number. Many other functions and assets are not offered these GPS depending on the means of travel.

It is true that the tools of society are expensive, but it is because the brand makes a point of honor to offer you a most reliable cartography. To do this, Snooper uses and rents incredibly expensive data. In addition, for reliable reliability of the various calculations, these GPS are equipped with high-end processors. All these precautions are at the base of the expensive products of the brand. However, they are also the basis of their performance and the guarantee of impeccable service. Also, between choosing any GPS and GPS Snooper, it's up to you to know your priorities (reliability or cost).

Snooper GPS update

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