Update GPS Tomtom

What is the TOMTOM GPS ?

TomTom is a European editor of navigation’s solution and a manufacturer of GPS navigation systems. Tomtom development team has always participated in technological development related to the world of GPS navigation to mobile phones, smartphones and even digital watches by optimizing mapping software for road navigation.

TomTom is also a manufacturer of High-Tech products, this brand offers several ranges of products adapted to the means of transport (car, motorcycle) and even established several partnerships with car manufacturers in Europe to set up products integrated in the means of transport.

The Tomtom online service and the official site allow the update of the navigation system. Updates are required to regularly update the maps and manage product licenses. These updates are available everywhere in the world and regardless of the country in which you are located.

Why make the Tomtom GPS updates ?

Applications related to GPS and Geotagging are extremely numerous and varied, and GPS technology always has emerged over time as the practical and effective solution for road travel. This technology replaces the traditional road map and allows both to identify benchmarks and save a lot of time on the road. It is for this reason that the regular updating of GPS is quite important for Tomtom systems.

The relative costs of updates may be too high for some GPS service providers, but Tomtom has decided to make its customers of the free updates.

The Tomtom update is available in several countries such as France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Belgium etc.

Regarding these updates, there are two different types of update for the Tomtom brand GPS, 100% free updates and other paid updates.

The free upgrade gives Tomtom customers the opportunity to update basic navigation services, while paid upgrades offer more options and map level accuracy.

Feel free to make the necessary updates for your Tomtom GPS device.

Why choose a Tomtom GPS ?

TomTom, leader in GPS navigation solution has always participated in the development of systems of geolocation and to satisfy its customers through the free upgrades. Tomtom updates are both simple, easy and suitable for each user.

The first update Tomtom you make is free and lasts three months after purchase. TomTom also offers updates to life and / or updates constantly.

We advise you to opt for regular updates at all times, as updates to the maps for life are not sufficient for your navigation system to be updated.

How to I install a Tomtom GPS card ?

To add new Tomtom GPS maps on your device, simply download the GPS map and copy it to a folder called Tomtom in your SD memory card. The file tree is next: Tomtom/fichier.img.

Then insert the SD card containing the Tomtom update and your device would be able to find the file and perform the necessary update.

Update GPS Tomtom :

You'll need the software TomTom MyDrive Connect, available here : TomTom MyDrive Connect