Update GPS

Free GPS Update

You are looking for free updates for your GPS device? The updates available on the official sites of the GPS are fairly expensive and you can listen to hundreds of euros. Fortunately, there is a free, easy and effective method for that your device is always updated database. Consider using OpenStreetMap !

Created in 2004, OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a community that aims to map all the streets and all useful places on the planet.

Data from the project are free to use and may be published and used under Creative Commons license.

OpenStreetMap is a project that brings together thousands of people sharing their cards Open Source. The OpenStreetMap project allows you to update your devices thanks to the contributors, map updates are completely free which allows you to use your GPS freely.

Data from OSM include:

- View a global road map on the Web with a zoom level and many POIs;

- Create routable maps for Garmin GPS;

- Used by any type of application.

Easy and quick update

Nothing is simpler to download Open Source updates on your GPS device.

To refresh your device and add several GPS maps, you don't have to search between different files shared on the part of the contributors and to download the update you want.

Copy the downloaded file on the SD card of your GPS and select your GPS browser settings so he can accept files from the updates manually. Free GPS updates and unlimited... why not enjoy it ?

Available countries

Updates Open Source are available for several countries in Europe including France, Switzerland, Spain, the Belgium and Italy. The files are updated at least once a month.

But for which brand of GPS ?

Open Source GPS updates are compatible with most browsers present today on the market especially for brands like Garmin, Mio, Tomtom, Navman et Mappy.