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Hiking GPS Map

The GPS hiking map for walkers or cyclists offers a very practical digital markup when you go to discover a region or on secondary roads. They help to secure the course and especially to avoid getting lost. It is a tool of comfort useful to enjoy with peace of mind its favorite activity in the countryside.

The GPS makes it easier to navigate but does not exempt a compass or a map. In the middle of nature, the GPS is before a very interesting additional information but it will never be a real guide because it can break down ...

Several brands offer their GPS model for hikers (Gorter, Bushnell, etc.). But this type of GPS seems to have found its leader. In any case, there are very good reasons to trust the Garmin brand to buy a GPS hiking. The Garmin GPS maps for hikes are numerous and their updates are regular. As such, updates for this type of map for a hiking activity are very important. Especially on the mountain hiking trails. An uninformed GPS can make you take wrong directions. Remember that his intelligence depends on what you give him as data.

GPS hiking download

The free hiking GPS maps for Garmin browsers are interesting, many and categorized by country. Unfortunately, not all countries are represented.

• GPS hiking maps for France
To go on the hiking trails in France, you can easily download the GPS France hiking map. It maps thousands of kilometers of hiking trails: small country roads, secondary trails or large hiking trails (GR). On this subject, the most emblematic is certainly the GR20 which crosses the Corsican mountains. So before you venture and discover the Alps, the Basque country, the forest of Brocéliande or even walk in a large city (Paris, Lille, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux), the most judicious is to enjoy the GPS hiking map La France.

• Hiking GPS maps for European countries
You have decided to hike in a European country. Indeed the landscapes to be discovered do not miss. Did you know that you can download a GPS hiking map for many European countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland) for free?

These Garmin GPS maps will guide you through the thousands of kilometers of hiking trails across Europe and also in major European cities (Rome, London, Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam. .);

OpenStreetMap GPS Map Hiking

OpenStreetMap is a high-performance collaborative project for mapping hiking maps. It is known for collecting data that is sometimes inaccessible elsewhere. It is for this reason that many NGOs use it to guide themselves to particularly remote places such as desserts or Asian and African rural areas. In any case, it's a safe bet that you'll find your hiking GPS map on Openstreetmap.